DRX Treatment

DRX 9000 Treatment Ready to Get Started with an Appointment? Print There are many reasons that you may be suffering from chronic back pain. The most common cause of constant back pain is sustaining a serious injury. Even after surgery and physical therapy, the pain may not go away. At Rhino Chiropractic, we understand how constant pain can negatively affect your life. It may be difficult for you to work and live your life the way you'd like. This is why our chiropractor utilizes DRX 9000. The benefits of DRX 9000 back pain therapy include: • Reduce pain • No surgery • No recovery time We have found that this non-surgical spinal decompression therapy has been incredibly successful, especially with patients who have already had lower back surgery or are surgical candidates. This non-invasive, safe procedure may help to relieve pain without surgery and the grueling recovery time that follows.

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