"Everyone was very nice and efficient." - Theresa M.

"The doctor and the office staff always make you feel special. They always have time to listen to waht you have to say, and answer any questions you might have." - Carolyn V.

"Dr. Hansen was very personable and very knowledgable and I feel confident that he is putting me on the right track to a healthy body! The office staff are also very efficient." - Mary S.

"The girls are always so helpful and caring. We love everyone who works there. Dr Hansen is amazing and has reallly helped my kids." - Myra G.

"I have had severe headaches and after my adjustment, by the time I got out to my car, it was almost gone. By the time I arrived home, I no longer had my headache which I had for 24 hours! Great Staff!" - Karen S.

"The staff does an amazing job and the doctor is very caring and gentle." - Anonymous

"Efficient, effective, and enjoyable." - Anne T.

"The front office staff was very nice. Dr. Hansen was very friendly and helpful." - LauraJean L.

"Best chiropractor around!" - David V.

"Love being a patient at Rhino Chiropractic. The doctors are very knowledgable and always provide relief for my issues in a very timely manner. I appreciate their services so much." - Linda I.

"My adjustments each week leaves me feeling well and very mobile which is a blessing!" - Lu B.

"My life has been so busy lately that I have missed coming to Dr. Hansen for the past two months. I felt so good while I was coming in for an adjustment regularly but my neck and shoulders have been in a lot of pain for about the past 3 weeks. I finally got to the office two days ago and Dr. Hansen took great care of me. He cracked my neck and back, and I quickly felt relief in my neck pain. Thank you!!! I spent 25 years avoiding chiropractors because of being hurt by one previously. But, now that I've given Dr. Hansen my trust, I will never stop seeing him again!" -Pat A.

"Everytime I show up, I walk out feeling better." - David O.

"I always feel better after my adjustment." - Orene D.

"I get great care and the staff is EXCEPTIONAL!!" - Lestarea W.

"I love it! I can move about with out any more pain in my lower back." - Lestarea W.

"The staff was friendly and very thorough. The Dr. explained to us in detail what the next step of the exam processes." - Karina C.

"Very efficient and doctor treats each patient different since nobody has the same exact spine issues." - Jenna G.

"I was very well taken care of. I am very excited to see and feel my end results." - Sherrie H.

"Simply put, they're the best there is! Highly recommend!!!" - Mickey B.

"Great group of people, very friendly, and knowledgeable!" - Mickey B.

"Friendly accomodating staff. The walk in appointments are great." - Jim F.

"Staff professsional and responsive and efficient." - Daniel H.

"Great service and great staff!" - Deborah S.

"Very efficient and friendly staff" - John H.

"I receive good care and am well taken care of." - Marla B.

"Fantastic." - Oluchi N.

"Very efficient operation, no time wasting. They just get you in and out." - Gary M.

"The experience was great. The staff was friendly and helpful from start to finish. They explained everything well and I had a fantastic adjustment that made me feel better walking out the door. The next day I woke up for the first time in about 5 months finally feeling better." -Karen S.

"Dr. Hansen was great! He did an all over body adjustment and it was wonderful! I feel so much better now!" - Anonymous

"Everyone is super friendly and Dr. Hansen is awesome!" - Mariah B.
"The staff is remarkable and has improved my life for the last two years as evidenced by my ability to regain range of motion of my neck, after several years of limited mobility. The staff are friendly and listens to stressors that you are confronting. I highly recommend Rhino Chiropractic!" - Harold R.

"Staff are encouraging, positive, and helpful." - Maureen G.

"I am so blessed to have found Rhino Chiropractic and Dr. Hansen!! My health is greatly improved." - Vanessa B.

"Dr. Steven Hansen has treated me for over 20 years. He has eliminated planter's fascitis in both feet, carpal tunnel in btoh wrists, and is in the process of putting a healthy curve into my neck, keeping my sciatic nerve pain in my lower back to a manageable level, and in restoring my loss of scent. Dr. Hansen is the BEST of the VERY BEST! I encourage all of my friends and relations to become his patients." - Jeri B.

"Friendly competent staff. Always greeted promptly. They give clear instructions and are always helpful. Issues with my back were identified and are being treated. I have made steady progress". - Jerome B.

"I absolutely look forward to my adjustment each week. When I started at Rhino, I could barely move. What a difference Dr. Hansen has made in my overall health. I can now get on the floor, play with my grandson, and get back up. HE has also helped with my migraines. I am so grateful and can not express my thanks enough." - Lu B.

"I am pleased with the results. My back used to go out frequently. That is no longer happening." - Jim I.

"Look forward to our visits each week!" - Phillip T.